Spencer Power Systems Engineer Electron traffic control

Current Transformers for Protective Relaying -- Saturation and Knee Point Explained

A graphical explanation of magnetic saturation, knee point demonstration and voltage ratings of CTs

Grounding Explained for the Masses (with Drawings!)

An explanation of grounding and neutral conductors in the context of your own car and home.

How to Customize Jekyll Using GitHub Pages, Docker, and Travis

An indepth guide to the fundamentals of Jekyll through the lense of a non-coder.

Distribution Autotransformers for Intertie Use - Grounding, Tertiary, & Fault Analysis

Protection considerations for connecting distribution voltage level power systems together with autotransformers.

Asymmetrical Fault Current

Overview of asymmetrical fault currents and curve of asymmetry factor back-calculation

Mt. Ritter Summit - Ansel Adams Wilderness

A scramble up Mt. Ritter for my first mountaineering adventure