Spencer Power Systems Engineer Electron traffic control


Originally born in North Carolina, I spent my formative years in Michigan and attended the university of the same name in Ann Arbor, graduating with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. At Michigan I focused mostly on power systems engineering since I was (and still am) interested in the energy industry. Outside of coursework I started going to hackathons, working on side projects, and rock climbing.

I started my engineering career at Pacific Gas & Electric, the utility spanning most of central and northern California. I worked in a few different Distribution Engineering groups, first working on Smart Inverter (per UL1741-SA) and Behind the Meter pilot projects where PG&E was looking at the impact of distributed energy resources on the distribution grid. Then I worked in the Distributed Generation group studying third party applications to connect generating resources to the distribution grid. My biggest learnings came from two years in Distribution Operations where I supported real time outages and equipment failures, substation test programs, temporary microgrids, and more (it was kind of a 'swiss army knife' type of role to respond to any equipment failures from the substation downstream).

I'm currently working on various projects such as improving this blog, technical articles from my learnings at PG&E (check out the `technical` tag), and electronics hobbyist projects. If you have any technical input or edits to add the blog, send me an email or, since it is all hosted on GitHub, submit a pull request agaist `master-source`.


November 2017 - Engineer in Training @ PG&E
September 2017 - Engineer, Grid Integration & Innovation @ Pacific Gas & Electric
June 2017 - August 2017 Content Creator @ The Edible Project
June 2015 - May 2016 Undergraduate Researcher @ The University of Michigan Power and Energy Laboratory